• Good speed across all server location
  • Good for torrenting
  • Zero-log policy
  • Strong security features
  • Netflix access is not consistent across all regions

IPVanish VPN Review 2020: Is It one of the Best VPN Providers?

Getting network security can be a tricky task. But getting a VPN connection is smooth as hell. Thus, if you want to get a safer and secure network connection, IPVanish can offer you one of the best values. This article is all about IPVanish review and how this VPN connection can help you. With ten simultaneous connections and an impressive collection of servers, the IPVanish VPN can be your perfect choice. But let this review determine how effective this VPN is.

Why do you need a VPN?

A VPN connection will allow you to connect to the internet through a secure and encrypted tunnel. This means, someone won’t be able to spy on your devices, even if you are connected to a public network.
So, everyone who is concerned about security and restriction on internet access can use a VPN connection. Most journalists and activists with restrictive internet policies can use VPN to connect with the rest of the world and yet get access to content without being forbidden.

IPVanish VPN Review: Key Features

Speed and Reliability
IPVanish offers a very fast and reliable speed. On testing the speed with the Ookla speed tester, we found that it offered a download speed of 93 Mbps on many nearby servers. The speed loss was almost 10%. This makes it one of the fastest performing VPN providers. Although there are other high performing VPNs like NordVPN, the average download speed of 93 Mbps, IPVanish VPN offers quite reliable speed.
When tested for long-distance speeds, the average internet connection speed was not slowed down. The average download speed was 53 Mbps when we tested it for the USA.
The VPN also comes up with unlimited bandwidth, which means that you can easily access the internet and stream video content like Netflix without any more interruptions.
Speed test result

Local Speed before IPVanish

Local speed after IPVanish

We also tried to test the IPVanish performance over long distances.
Following are some of the results we got with the Ookla speed test result:
• USA: 53 Mbps (download) and 37 Mbps (Upload)
• Germany: 76 Mbps (download) and 81 Mbps (Upload)
• Australia: 24 Mbps (download) and 6 Mbps (Upload)
Overall, the IPVanish VPN comes up with good enough speed to browse the internet, watch live streaming videos, and to perform different online work.

Server Location

The IPVanish VPN is located in more than 75 nations, and it includes more than 1400 servers all around the globe. All servers are self-owned by the Company, and they don’t use any third-party for their services. Users of IPVanish have access to over 40,000 IP addresses. Most servers of IPVanish VPN are located in European nations, and more than 500 servers are located in North America. Although fewer servers are located in African regions, overall, the Company has good connectivity all over the world.
Wir diverse server location and a large number of IP addresses, users have a great opportunity to connect to servers of IPVanish wherever they go.
The best part about IPVanish Server is that they manage their own server, and they don’t rent their hardware from other countries. Thus, the Company has better control when it comes to server installation, management, and operation. When tested closely, it has been found that the IPVanish VPN has invested heavily in creating physical infrastructure as well as in managing it. Thus, users have all reasons to believe that IPVanish VPN is pretty truthful when it comes to claiming server networks in different parts of the world.


When it comes to compatibility with devices, the IPVansih is compatible with almost all devices. The platform comes with dedicated apps for all platforms like Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. The VPN is easily configurable, and you can easily install it. If you want wide network protection, you can even install it on your router so that all your devices are protected. The IPVanish VPN can be used on ten devices at the same time. As compared to competitors like NordVPN, the number of devices is quite good, as the NordVPN allows only five devices to be used simultaneously. IPVanish VPN can also be used for firestick and Kodi. The official IPVanish VPN website has details about how to configure and install apps on every device. If you can configure and install yourself on your router or on your devices, it’s great. But, if you are not sure about the process, IPVansih also comes up with retailer partnerships, who can help you in the configuration.
With all these features, benefits, easy configuration, and best compatibility, IPVanish VPN can be the best VPN service provider you can get.


When you are using a VPN, the VPN connection provider can have lots of insights about your online activity, just like your Internet Service Provider. Thus, it is very important to know about the information that your VPN provider connects and how they use this information.
Although the privacy policy manual provided on the IPVanish VPN website is quite lengthy and reading, it may seem challenging. But, the document is easily readable. Altogether the Company pays lots of focus on the privacy of the user, and it has a well-planned no-log policy. Thus, the Company doesn’t collect any kind of log or traffic that the user gets on their connection. Today, many VPN providers go for a third-party audit. But, we didn’t get any information about the third-party audit by IPVanish VPN. Although they should try to incorporate third-party audits in their policy, their privacy policy documents provide enough evidence to trust the Company.

Ease of use

After going through the website, you will find that the website has a beautiful color scheme that is the same as the older version. The website looks very smooth, and it is guaranteed to provide users with the best experience. Thes server list is easily searchable, and all other contents on the website are properly placed to let you navigate the browser. The interface of the website is pretty intuitive, and all options, menus, and settings are easy to navigate. Overall, the navigation and the feel of the website are well-suited to beginners as well as pro VPN users. The installation process of the VPN is quite easy, and you won’t face much difficulty, even if you are new to the world of VPN. The website also consists of a detailed set-up guide for the newbies, so that they don’t face any issues during installation or configuration stage.
Overall, there are plenty of features available at the IPVanish VPN platform, and the options and menus are pretty eBay to use and understand. Thus, if you are a fan of simple, intuitive, and responsive websites, you will love the IPVanish VPN platform.


IPVanish VPN is a pretty safe platform that works well in providing ultimate security to its users. The Company protects your data with AES 256 encryption and also includes lots of other security-related protocols. All security features of the IPVanish VPN works well with devices and systems. Thus, it will help you to hide your work, protect your IP, protect your DNS, and also help you by providing protection against IPv6 Leaks.
Other advanced security features of this VPN includes traffic obfuscating, split tunneling, and VPN kill switch. For all users involved in torrenting activities, an advanced security feature called the SOCKS5 proxy is also available.
One of the most significant attributes of IPVanish VPN is that it personally manages the entire server and doesn’t take help from any third party managing companies. Thus, there are almost negligible chances of any security breach or security error at the server levels. Although the iOS apps lack a few security features, still the security system is strong enough to provide maximum security and privacy for the VPN users.
The IPVanish leak test that we conducted revealed that it does not leak any IP address, DNS, or WebRTC data to any third party or government organizations. Thus, if you are thinking about hiding your true location, or your IP address, using VPN services by IPVanish VPN provider can be the best decision you can make. The IPVanish platform also passed the malware and virus test without any issues. Thus, for the maximum security and privacy of your network and online activity, using the IPVanish app can be a good decision.

Customer Support

Anyone can face problems while VPN installation and configuration. If you don’t find the best customer support services, you may get irritated. Thus, you don’t need to worry as IPVanish has a strong team that holds your hand when you are in need of support. The IPVanish VPN platform comes up with 24*7 customer support services. There are numerous ways by which you can get connected to the customer care executive for any help that you may need. The fastest option is the live chat option. The live chat option allows you to chat with a customer care executive who tries to provide answers to your queries. The live chat options at the IPVanish VPN are pretty quick and efficient. They will try to answer your questions as soon as you make an inquiry. You can find the live chat option at the bottom right corner of the official website. In addition to the live chat option, there are numerous resources and tutorials that can help you know about VPN services properly.
The Company also has one of the best email support systems that provide you effective support after receiving your email or queries. The FAQ section provided on the website also serves as a great resource center. The telephone support system is also available, but it is only during the official hour.
Overall, it can be said that IPVanish VPN provider has one of the best customer support systems available. The customer support team is always eager to help you in case of any need. The team that answers to queries are quite friendly and professional at their work. Thus, in case of any issues, contacting team IPVanish can be quite easy.


IPVanish can’t be called the cheapest VPN provider, but it is not even the most expensive one. The services are reasonably priced, and they offer the best value for the amount paid. Overall, the prices are average as compared to other competitors like NordVPN and ExpressVPN. Overall, three subscription plans are offered by team IPVanish VPN. Three plans are described as monthly, quarterly, and annual plans. Each of these plans comes up with the same benefits and features, and the difference lies just in the price of the package.
The detailed plan includes:


The payment for these subscriptions can be made through different payment modes like Debit card, credit card, or Paypal.
The subscription does not include any free trial, but you can get a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the services or the plan provided. The Company provides a 100% money-back guarantee, that too without any questions asked.
Before making the subscription for the plan, keep in mind that if you sign up for the IPVanish services through the Apple store, you won’t be eligible for the money-back guarantee program.

Overall, the IPVanish provides good value for money, and you can trust them for trustworthy and reliable services. It is not the cheapest VPN provider in the world, but if it offers services that are well-deserved for the price you pay.

FAQs About IPVanish VPN

Q. Does IPVnish keep any logs of users?
A. No, as far as keeping any personal information or logs of users are concerned, IPVanish VPN is completely against this policy. The Company offers a strict no-log policy as they understand that keeping logs can hamper the security as well as privacy of customers. The makers and managers of this platform make sure that absolutely no logs about users are kept so that the user privacy and security is maintained effectively. As per the privacy policy document of the Company, user privacy is of utmost importance, and they make sure that user privacy is maintained at all levels of configuration and installation of the VPN.

Q. Does IPVanish unlocks Netflix?
A. While many VPN providers begin their story by telling users that they help users get unlimited Netflix content. But, this is not the case with IPVanish VPN providers. They haven’t mentioned anything about Netflix unlocking on their website. IPVanish doesn’t reveal whether it can unblock Netflix or not. This is because unblocking Netflix is a contentious issue, and the Company doesn’t believe in providing free content to users by unblocking Netflix. To be sure about whether IPVanish unblocks Netflix or not, we tried to use the server in Chicago, and to our amazement, the Netflix was unblocked from the Chicago server. But, when we tried to use the Canada server, the unblocking was not possible. This doesn’t mean that Netflix can be unblocked by the Chicago server only, but IPVansig is certainly silent about the policy of Netflix unblocking.

Q. Is torrenting Possible with IPVansih?
A. Torrenting is another controversial issue about which the IPVanish VPN providers are silent. While most VPN connection providers speak clearly that torrenting is possible with their VPN, IPVanish is silent on this issue. It doesn’t reveal clearly about its standpoint on torrenting. Thus, if you are thinking about getting a VPN connection for torrenting or Netflix unblocking, it is advisable not to look for IPVanish.

Q. Is IPVanish TOR compatible?
A. Anyone who wants to avoid all kinds of government surveillance, TOR is the perfect tool. In countries like China and North Korea, visiting certain websites like Facebook and Youtube can lead to arrest and, in some cases, even the death penalty. Thus, in this case, TOR provides a way to cover. With TOR compatibility, the user traffic is related to through different anonymous sites making it impossible for the authorities to trace the location. Having a VPN connection helps to get an additional layer of security, letting users stay anonymous. While many VPN s don’t have TOR capability, IPVanish is TOR capable. Thus, if you want to enjoy content and videos from all around the world while staying at a repressive internet area, IPVanish can be the perfect option to go.

Q. Does IPVanish have a killswitch?
A. Yes, IPVansih has a killswitch. The killswitch and the DNS leak prevention are the basic elements that you should pay attention to when you are getting a VPN connection. A killswitch helps you to disable all network connections if your VPN gets disconnected or if it stops working. This way, your internet traffic never gets unmasked, even for a second.
The Killswitch option is especially important for users who like torrenting. The Killswitch option helps users to stay anonymous and helps them to avoid any legal complications.

Q. Will IPVansih work in China?
A. This can be a tricky question to answer as the answer is both yes and no. The IPVanish website claims that it’s services are allowed in restricted areas, and regions like Qatar, UAE, and China, the Company’s domain names are restricted in these areas. Thus, automated IPVansih apps won’t work in China. But, you can get assistance and support from the customer care team of IPVanish to use a few services. This can be done by manual configuration by the team, and thus, you will be able to run IPVanish VPN services in the restricted regions too.

Q. How many simultaneous connections can be used by IPVanish?
A. IPVansih supports a maximum of 10 connections and devices simultaneously. This means that you can use the VPN services on ten devices at a single moment. It is also possible to increase the number of devices by configuring the VPN connection directly to your router. In fact, choosing the router mode VPN connection is the perfect way to get maximum benefits. This is because all your devices are mostly connected to your home router, and the router will always be counted as one device. Thus, if you want to get maximum benefits with minimum investment, gpo for the router mode of VPN connection.


If you are thinking about getting a VPN connection, you should definitely think about opting for an IPVanish VPN connection. There are several reasons that show that the Company provides the best services when it comes to VPN connection. The privacy policy, security measures and the protection of user identity make it one of the best companies. While all companies are concerned about these points, not all companies come clean in the public domain after testing.
The ability of IPVanisg VPN to get connected to 10 devices is one of the best features that is loved by users all around the world. The configuration and installation process is quite easy and smooth at this platform. But, in case you are stuck with an issue, the 24*7 agile and professional customer support team will always be ready to assist you. Most users have revealed that the Company is known for providing a quick and effective solution for all kinds of users.
Although the VPN provider is almost silent about issues like Netflix Unblocking and Torrenting, the TOR capability makes the services applicable in restrictive regions like China and Saudi Arabia. Thus, if you are looking for a smooth, efficient, and secure VPN connection service, the IPVanish VPN can be the perfect place to look at.
With numerous plans, packages, and discounts, this is one of the best companies offering affordable VPN connections.
So, if you are looking for a faster speed, affordable services, and numerous servers all around the world, you may choose IPVanish as your partner VPN provider.
No doubt, there are numerous VPN providers in the market, just choose one that offers you numerous benefits at an affordable cost.
Let us know how your experience was with the IPVanish VPN service.

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